Apply for a payday loan and the Canada Child Tax Benefit

With the arrival of our new Prime Minister, 2016 has been marked by several changes to our country’s income tax policies and other government benefit programs. This includes significant adjustments to the CCTB (Canada Child Tax Benefit), which as of July 20, 2016 has been officially named “Canada Child Benefit”. We receive daily questions about […]

 Second Rank Mortgage and Refinancing Loans

A second mortgage is a great way to access a lot of money using your home equity. Normally, individuals opt for a second mortgage when they need money for a car, a down payment for another property, to renovate their home and consolidate their debts. How could you benefit from a second mortgage? If you […]

I need $ 1500! What should I do?

Sometimes things in life come up that we do not wait for. Whether it’s a sudden illness, an emergency with your car or the fact that you need money quickly. There may be a million and one reasons why a person may need a little more money and we all thought about what we could […]

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