Condemned billionaire: Hotel Dolder for sale

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Urs Schwarzenbach has to pay huge sums; this, after he lost in the last instance against the Zurich tax authorities.

It is about 270 million francs, which owes the well-known former foreign exchange traders and enterprising art dealers to the Treasury.

The question is: where does Schwarzenbach take that much money from? Now the answer could be. According to information from polo circles – Schwarzenbach is active in the Nobel Pferdesprt – the beleaguered investor is to offer his Zurich Dolder Hotel for sale.

We are talking about 1.5 billion francs that Schwarzenbach wanted for his Zurich “palace”. Schwarzenbach left an email request unanswered, his lawyer said he knew nothing about it, Schwarzenbach’s spokesman did not respond to a text message.

According to reports, Schwarzenbach had invested about half a billion in the large conversion of the Dolder a few years ago. He flirted earlier with the idea that he would give the Dolder if the offer was correct.

Schwarzenbach is now seriously considering a sale, according to the new source. “At least that is in the polo scene,” says the interlocutor.

The demands against Schwarzenbach pile up. He is next to the tax and the Swiss customs authorities on the neck. These have with investigations and a raid on his Zurich property called Falk lock the case 5 years ago set in motion .

A few weeks ago, the Federal Supreme Court upheld the Zurich tax authorities’ view that Schwarzenbach had been active as an independent art dealer in the Falkenschloss.

He should have paid taxes on this activity. Schwarzenbach himself always emphasized that he was a private collector.

In the course of the lawsuit, a bank account in the African Liberia appeared on one of Schwarzenbach’s companies. Balance: 3 billion francs .

Who owns this gigantic sum? Where does this amount come from? According to Schwarzenbach it is about wagers from horse betting. He was active for a third person whom he did not disclose.

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