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Image result for helsinkiHelsinki is a city that draws more and more attention to itself. Several Danes have begun to travel to the city than ever before – and if that applies to you, you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find a guide to finding a hotel in Helsinki, as well as an overview of the best attractions.

There is much to write about the Finnish capital. For that reason, the article will also be very thorough and will cover several different points – especially accommodation in the city, but also sights and transport. We start with a couple of hotel proposals, after which we proceed to the next. You can jump down to sights in Helsinki if you already have a look at your nights. Otherwise – continue below!


To make suggestions for all types of travelers, we divide the hotels into three categories: First, we have beautiful central hotels that are around the average price range. Then we look at a few cheap options. Finally, we have the more luxurious hotels where you can truly make a great stay.


Hotelli Seurahuone Helsinki – An excellent hotel in a perfect location in central Helsinki. The exterior architecture is outstanding, and inside the hotel is also quite nice. The rooms are neat and the furnishings are above average, but it’s primarily the location you pay for.

Breakfast and internet connection are included in the price, which typically amounts to about 1200 DKK for two persons. Occasionally there may be offers – so keep an eye out.

Hotel Helka – An alternative choice if for some reason you did not like the first option. Hotel Helka is located a little further west than Seurahuone, but its location is still quite central and you can reach the various sights of Helsinki in just a few minutes. Also here is breakfast included in the price.

The rooms are spacious and have a real Finnish style. As a little typical Finnish, there is also a sauna in the hotel, in addition to other exciting things such as a library. The price is just over DKK 1,000 per person. night for a double room.


There should also be a couple of cheap alternatives so they come here.

Omena Hotel Yrjonkatu – Another hotel in Helsinki, which could easily be categorized among the central hotels, but simply getting a seat here due to the price. A double room here is often available for around 600 DKK, while as a family you can get a room for four persons for just 700 kr. night. It must be said to be an outstanding price, why the Omena Hotel is excellent for families and larger groups of travelers.

Inside, there is a modern Scandinavian style. One might say that compromising comfort with having a special style, nevertheless, the hotel is still nice to stay with. It is in any case one of the most affordable of the main Helsinki hotels!

CheapSleep Helsinki – If you really want to save, we have CheapSleep Helsinki, which is in fact a hostel. You can stay very cheap if you travel alone. However, it is also possible to get a private room with a double bed or two single beds for less than DKK 400 per person. night. However, please be in good time – because the rooms will be booked soon!

The location is not quite as ideal as the other hotels (this hostel is a little further north in Helsinki), but you can still go to the center. Alternatively, there are public transport, which works quite well in Finland.


Finally, we will provide an opportunity for travelers who wish to stay in luxury and would like to pay extra for quality.

It is about Hotel Haven, which has everything one can really expect from a hotel: Excellent location, well designed and ultra clean rooms, great service, as well as several practical and entertainment options.

The price also shows this, because it is well worth 1,500 for the cheapest rooms. If you want a so-called Grand Deluxe room overlooking the Helsinki harbor, you will pay over 2,000 per person. night. However, it is worth the money if you want luxury.

We could continue to write about the hotel for a long time, but it is best that you check the hotel’s side and give you an impression.


If you are looking for accommodations in Helsinki, it’s time to look at the city’s best attractions. There is a lot to be experienced!

Helsinki Cathedral –  Perhaps the city’s biggest icon. The white building, which is green at the top, is extremely easy to recognize, and this type of church is also often associated with Finland (and now, also with western Russia, especially St. Petersburg). There is one reason why we started the article with a picture of the cathedral. It is one of the first sights in Helsinki, as most travelers see. It should, if nothing else, always be one of the first priorities when planning a trip to the city.

National Museum –  Like most other capitals, there is a very interesting national museum. Finland is both beautiful outside and within, but of course, you need to come in to make it really interesting. You can at least get rich insight into Finnish culture, both historically, but also ethnically and culturally from a modern point of view.

The Market Square – “Market Square” in Helsinki is another place just to be visited. Here you can see unique Finnish products, food, souvenirs and much more. Both locals and travelers enjoy this place and it is open most of the year. It is centrally located in the city and is guaranteed for good experiences and shopping!

Helsinki Zoo – Like many other big cities, Helsinki has a really interesting zoo. It is a place the whole family can enjoy – because it is interesting for all ages. This zoo has many different species and plants. Funny enough, there is a huge focus on plants here, which is not always the case with other zoos. Something unique is that it is on an island. The island is a little east of the city center, but do not fear – it’s easy to get there.

The Olympic Stadium – Many people are not aware of it, but Helsinki once has the house of the Olympic Games. It happened back in 1952, and the giant stage – the country’s largest – stands here and is still used. For example, it is used by the Finnish football team, but many different sports are being practiced here. At the time of writing, however, the Olympic Stadium can only be experienced from the outside. It must be renovated, but it is expected that it will open again in 2019.

Kamppi Center  – An extremely interesting center in the Kamppi area, which offers a little bit of each. In addition to serving as a bus and metro terminal, there are also 6 floors of shopping, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and much more. Nearby we find some of the most attractive and popular apartments throughout Finland. A new place (opened in 2006), but incredibly interesting. Especially if you want to buy in or just have fun.

SkyWheel – One of the more modern constructions in the city is SkyWheel, which has gradually become a symbol of the city. It is a big wheel used for amusement and observation. You can get a great view over Helsinki itself, but also over the water. Less a bit about London Eye in style. A bit expensive, but most travelers think it’s worth all the money. SkyWheel is also fairly central, so if you have booked a good hotel in Helsinki, it’s not far away!

Suomenlinna  An ancient fortress built by the Swedes as a defense against the Russians. The Suomenlinna is on an island and therefore requires a little transport, but it is easy to get there. It is actually one of the most popular attractions in all of Finland, and Suomenlinna actually has a place on UNESCO’s world heritage site. An absolute must if you have time for it on your trip.

Temple Church  Also known as “Temple of the Church”. An incredible attraction in Helsinki, anyway, must be experienced. The church is very unconventional, which can even be seen from the outside, and clearly on the entrance. However, you will not be amazed when you enter. It is unique and will probably be one of the most ‘natural’ churches you ever experience – at least if we just judge the look. Statistics one of the most popular and well-known attractions in the city.

The City Hall –  Helsinki City Hall is another well-known attraction in the Finnish capital. It is both an exciting attraction for travelers, but the city hall is of course also handy as the mayor makes his decisions from here. It’s ample to see the building from the outside – you do not have to enter. It is an excellent building with an excellent space, so you should definitely experience it on your own.

Senate Square – Center for many of the attractions we have already visited . As a culturally interested traveler in Helsinki, you will automatically get there – so enjoy the place when it happens! Note the Alexander statue and how the place serves as a meeting place for the Finnish citizens.


It is difficult to drive to Helsinki, so a roadtrip to this is probably not possible. Bus travel and rail travel is also not obvious. On the other hand, it’s easy to fly to the city!

Both Norwegian and SAS are flying directly from Copenhagen to Helsinki, and Finnair does the same from Billund. The price for a return ticket is in most cases below DKK 2,000, often even closer to 1,000. Thus, it is neither expensive nor difficult to fly.


When you finally land in Helsinki, you should of course leave from the airport to the city center. Here you have three options: Train, bus and taxi.

Trains are usually easiest. In 2015, a direct train from Helsinki Airport opened to the city center. You can buy a ticket when you arrive and it does not take a long time to arrive.

In addition, there are a number of bus lines that run from the airport and to Helsinki as well as other cities in the area. One of them is the famous Finnair City Bus. Again it’s super easy.

If you want to drive directly from the airport to the door, you can take a taxi. They are just outside the airport, but it may be an expensive affair (an average trip to Helsinki city center costs well 50 euros).

All in all, it takes between 30 and 60 minutes to get from airport to center, depending on the mode of transport you use. Taxi is usually fastest while bus is slowest. Most people prefer trains, as travel time is fair and the price is fairly low.


Helsinki is known for hosting the northernmost metro in the world. There are two lines, but you probably need only one. It’s an easy way to get around the city if you do not want to go. Otherwise, there are city buses that run regularly.

However, one can walk around, for many of the shopping venues and, not least, the attractions are close to each other. That is at least the general rule. Another fun option is to rent a bike, but it is of course only possible when the weather is there.

Would you like to go to other cities – read the next section for further descriptions of them – you can also take a bus and train. Helsinki has a beautiful main railway station , from which it is actually possible to get to Saint Petersburg and Moscow!


Almost all major cities in Finland are concentrated in the southern part of the country, so there are certainly other good travel opportunities around Helsinki.

Here are a few examples of cities that are either very close to Helsinki or at least in a reasonable distance by public transport:

  • Espoo
  • Vantaa
  • Tampere
  • Turku
  • Lahti

Espoo is the second largest city in the country and is known as Nokia’s hometown. Espoo and Vantaa are located in the same region as Helsinki (Uusimaa). Finland’s two most iconic athletes, the racers Kimi Raikkonen (Espoo) and Mika Hakkinen (Vantaa) come from these cities. Helsinki Airport is located in Vantaa, so there is a good chance that you will put your legs here.

Unfortunately, the city of Oulo, which is extremely interesting, is far away. It is the largest of the northernmost cities in Finland and has a definite atmosphere. Oulo often conducts modern experiments, testing new public city technologies before being used in the world’s big cities.

As said, you can easily get around in southern Finland by public transport from Helsinki. There are both trains and buses. Alternatively, you can rent a car – in this regard, no cities are too far away, as you then have 100% freedom to drive yourself, thus selecting destinations along the way. It may be a little tricky – and many also opt out of this option. But a drive through Finland will undoubtedly be an experience for life!


Since all the important details have gradually been described – both about transportation, sights and hotels in Helsinki – we can elaborate a little on nights. It is often worthwhile to book a holiday apartment in front of a hotel.

When you look at the selection at , you will even see that many “hotels” in fact are landlords of small apartments. It’s nice to make use of these. The quality is often high. However, you can usually get an even better deal by looking at private apartments yourself. And it’s super simple!

You may already know about AirBNB. Here are quite ordinary residents who rent their apartments to travelers. Quality is usually higher than in hotels, with more freedom and feeling more at home. At the sa

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