What Construction Type is Right for your Hotel?

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Hardly a day goes by where we don’t find ourselves talking to hotel developers about construction types. Whether it be wood, concrete, steel, block & plank, or ICF, construction costs continue to be on the rise and evaluating all your options for construction early on will help ensure you select the one that is right for your project goals and budget.

We work on hotel projects across the US. We thought it would be valuable to share some of the data we’ve collected on the construction types our clients are choosing for their new-build hotel projects. Below is a chart highlighting the last 100 limited & select service hotel projects our team has designed and the associated distribution by construction type. As the chart shows, wood framed and block and plank make up nearly 90% of the projects we’ve designed.

As can be seen from the US construction materials producer price index graph below, nearly all material prices are on the rise. In upcoming newsletters, we will dive into a couple of the most popular construction types noted above in more detail to explore the driving forces behind some of these price increases.

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